Like waiting for the sun to rise in the dead of night, sometimes we wish for a wizard to wave her magic wand and make our challenges disappear.

Whether it's shifting our organizational culture to reflect our vision of it, upping the game of our own leadership, or realizing personal and professional dreams, we wish we could snap our fingers and make it happen now.

While there's no magic wand out there to transform ourselves (change is a process and takes time), by committing our selves, our teams, or our organizations to change, we sign up for a powerful lantern to guide us through the night. Until... we don't need that lantern anymore (because we've built our own).

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Welcome. It’s a privilege to do the work that I do, and I appreciate your attention. My name is Jessica Earle-Meadows, and I lead humans through learning,  development, and change.

I am Principal Consultant at Jessica Earle-Meadows Consulting, a small boutique firm dedicated to improving team dynamics, leadership development, culture change, organizational transitions and transformation. We specialize in customized learning programs that address the heart of organizational needs, and offer participatory methods for change so the people influenced most by it can inform it, and are equipped to integrate the effects of it ongoingly.

All of our organizational development projects aim to achieve strategic results such as effectiveness, productivity, and engagement and are informed by education and theory grounded in Human Systems Intervention (HSI), coaching, and leadership development.

In my coaching practice, I work with leaders, entrepreneurs, and social change professionals world-wide who: want to develop their leadership, are in the midst of a career/life transition, are seeking integration and balance between their personal and professional selves, or who seek to clarify and create their ideal future. My practice welcomes and includes LGBTQ people and people of colour. I am a certified Integral Canada Coach (TM).

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To contact Jessica, please fill out the contact form. Her practice is located in Vancouver, Canada, however she coaches both online and in-person.

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"I came to Jessica to help me develop my leadership skills. After working with her my attitude and my ways of thinking have changed. I got to step back, clarify, depersonalize my experience, and realized I did not have to be so hard on myself. Jessica's inviting approach allows you to see yourself and your situation from a fresh perspective. From this place of clarity, you can examine your motivations, values, and options. For anyone wanting a gentle guide back to yourself, Jessica is for you."

- J. Dhanani, Academic Director

"Jessica is a dynamic and vibrant coach, who takes a deeply loving and honest approach to her work with clients. She brings great intellectual wisdom and deep intuition to our sessions, which help me achieve greater clarity with each one. I feel like I've been able to step off the hamster wheel of over-analysis and into my own wisdom. I appreciate being able to explore all aspects of myself and my process in a space that is compassionate, smart and inspired. Jessica combines knowledge, experience and insight, with an approach that is very intuitive and holistic. Also, she is funny and knows how to laugh and take it all just seriously enough."

- O. Dempsey, Engagement Strategist, Sustainability Consultant, and Coach

"Hiring Jessica to be my coach was like landing in a hammock after jumping into an abyss. I immediately felt taken care of - a priority. I felt truly heard and ultimately seen and the process was deeper than I had anticipated. Jessica’s insightful wisdom has been the guiding light I needed to navigate this new exciting path. This has been a life altering gift, for which I will be forever grateful. I feel excited and evermore hungry to dig deeper and make this opportunity count. I cannot rave enough about my coaching experience with Jessica, I have felt so grateful to have this wise, wonderful woman as my coach through such a pivotal time in my life."

- G. Jenkyns, RN, MA Leadership Studies

"After my work with Jessica, I am more conscious of what I want and need; more determined to seek it, and more intentional about creating situations and making choices accordingly. I now feel that I am capable of making the shifts that I want to make, especially with Jessica’s help with understanding what those shifts are, and why they are important. I feel re-charged and optimistic. Working with Jessica was an absolute pleasure. I would recommend her services to anyone who's looking for a change."

- J. Teasley, Sr. Consultant, Information Management

"I have met with advisors, coaches, psychologists, and counsellors, and Jessica Earle-Meadows outshone them all. She is far and away the most insightful of all the practitioners that I have had the privilege to meet. She sees connections, and more importantly, acts as a catalyst to allow me to connect the dots in ways that I never thought possible. She is understanding but decisive. She has unshakable integrity. If you are ready to make real change then she is the one I'd recommend."

- C. Heenan, Adult Educator

Through my life changing coaching with Jessica, I found a solid path forward. She sifted through chatter (mine) and came up with inspired ideas that instantly resonated with me. I always felt I was on the right track. Jessica offered me immense support, encouragement and unwavering belief which is where the real value came. She helped me believe in my vision, my purpose and find my voice. Jessica has a gentle but wise way about her that made things relaxed but effective PLUS she is funny! At every session I went away feeling charged, supported and focused. For anyone considering coaching with her don’t hesitate - it is worth every penny.

- L. Kroeker, CEO Lara Kroeker Interactive

"I was feeling stuck and disconnected from my life's purpose. Jessica is a warm and authentic coach with this amazing ability to listen with openness and empathy. She really helped me to clarify my thoughts and ideas about my life choices, and to build the courage to take a very important decision. After many years of thinking and hesitating, I took some time off my full-time paid job.  I feel inspired and motivated to continue working on my personal growth. I feel that I am gaining momentum towards realizing what I truly want. Jessica is so good at what she does, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with her."

- A. Calzado, Policy Analyst, Founder of prajna Body and Wellness Centre

"Jessica is very intuitive and highly skilled at "reading" me and the circumstances I'm in in multiple ways. It's amazing how she can sift through all of that information and offer back clear and pointed inquiries or observations helping to shed light on my current path. I appreciate Jessica's ability to see me as a whole person that embraces my spirit, intellect, emotional body, and physical self. After working with Jessica I am clear that I need to align my professional identity with my vision of "right livelihood". I am clear that I can achieve that which I wish to create.”

- J. Townsend, Sustainability Consultant, Engagement Specialist, Researcher

"Jessica was amazing in her ability to let me express my feelings without inhibition and without fear of being judged. She is very gentle and loving but doesn't shy away from addressing potential hard truths. She was extremely good at mirroring back what I was trying to explain and helped me to become more clear without ever assuming the role of the coach 'who knows it all.' Throughout this process she was exceptionally supportive and caring. I highly recommend her for any coaching!"

- S. Weimar, Director, Producer, Cinematographer

"Jessica is creative, compassionate and intelligent. Our work together provided me with a helpful understanding of some ways to shift my approaches relating to myself and others. I especially loved the metaphors she came up with, because they were so evocative and rich. I am pleased to recommend Jessica as an able and effective coach. You'll be in good hands."

- Dr. E. Graham, Instructor

"After every session with Jessica, I left feeling inspired about my topic and the work ahead of me. What I remember most about  Jessica was her creativity and insights, and her ability to ask great questions, and magically 'connect the dots'."

- R. Harrison, Rezoning Planner