Strategic Leadership, Team, and Culture Change initiatives with heart: for your organization and the world.

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Welcome. My name is Jessica Earle-Meadows and I am Principal Consultant at Jessica Earle-Meadows Consulting, a boutique firm dedicated to leadership & team development, culture change, and organizational transformation.

We specialize in customized learning programs that address the heart of organizational needs, and offer participatory methods for change so that the people influenced most by change can inform it, and are equipped to integrate the effects of it ongoingly.

All of our projects aim to achieve strategic results such as effectiveness and engagement, and are informed by Human Systems Intervention (HSI), Integral coaching, and leadership development theories and practice.

Our practice welcomes, includes, and supports LGBTQ2S+ people and people of colour. We partner with organizations and initiatives who actively support equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

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Contact Jessica at: jessica@earlemeadows.com.

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“The work Jessica did with our team was outstanding and sustainable. She has excellent communication skills and sensitivity to people from diverse backgrounds and visions. Jessica facilitated the expression of different views all the while bringing a sense of strong purpose and unity to discussions. I would strongly recommend her, and I would not hesitate to rehire her. She’s a phenomenal facilitator… and I’ve experienced a lot of them!”

- V. Amberg, Director, Social Equity and Diversity Office, McGill University

"I have met with advisors, coaches, psychologists, and counsellors, and Jessica Earle-Meadows outshone them all. She is far and away the most insightful of all the practitioners that I have had the privilege to meet. She sees connections, and more importantly, acts as a catalyst to allow me to connect the dots in ways that I never thought possible. She is understanding but decisive. She has unshakable integrity. If you are ready to make real change then she is the one I'd recommend."

- C. Heenan, Adult Educator

”Jess helped us understand and tackle the organizational issues we had ignored. I can always count on Jess to provide astute insights and help the group, as individuals and as a team, get to where we need to go. It has been a true pleasure to work with Jess; she is a great mentor.”

- A. Wong, former Organizational Development Lead, the M-Network

"Jessica is wonderful and talented person and organizations would greatly benefit from her wisdom."

- I. Simmie, Director, Campus Life and Engagement (Leadership Initiatives), McGill University

“Jessica and her colleague excelled in creating trust with all members of the organizational community. 
As a member of the Board of Directors that worked closely with them throughout their contract, I am confident that everyone who was involved would highly recommend Jessica.”

- Dr. E. Lusthaus, Ph.D. Board Member, Avatil Board of Directors

Jessica is a brilliant coach. Her insightful, skillful, questioning, coupled with meaningful practices, deep perspective, and poetic heart, helped me grow my leadership qualities and expand my repertoire of responses. I am deeply grateful to Jessica for her work and skill!

- Dr. M. Webster, Educational Consultant