Smart Women AND... Coaching Video Blog series

Smart Women and Change

***How do you navigate change? What change have you tried to create in your life this year? How has that worked for you? How about the changes you've gone through in your life in general? In this video, discover how you tend to navigate change, and how to manage your tendencies to ride the wave of change with more mastery.

Smart Women and Decisions

How we make decisions can effect the course of our whole life. ***How does the way you think have to do with what you decide? Want to become more conscious of how you make decisions? "Smart Women and Decisions" explores these questions and provides a 3-step process to get clear about how you want to approach the decisions you make.

Smart Women and Anger

***Why is anger such a sticky topic for women? "Smart Women and Anger" provides both insight into our relationship with our anger, and a 7-step inquiry process to help you navigate how you access, process, and express your anger with more awareness and skill.

Smart Women and Personality

Ever heard of the Enneagram or want to learn more about it? “Smart Women and Personality” takes a sweeping tour of the 9 enneagram personality types. Discover what type you think you might be, and how integrating your type can help you.

Smart Women and Vision

 “Smart Women and Vision” offers a 6-step process to help you clarify your long term vision for your work and life, as well as steps you can take this year to get you there – on your own terms – with a plan that works for you.

All video by the talented Lara Kroeker Interactive.

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