Jessica specializes in culture change, leadership, and coaching. Over the past decade, she has created and facilitated: a national conference for entrepreneurs and leaders in social change, a campus-wide leadership development program in a Canadian University, many organizational leadership development and culture change projects, and cross-national empowerment programming for girls and women. She specializes in shining a light on what needs to change, and believes in results-based consulting and coaching. View her past client list here.

Jessica has a natural tendency to catalyze personal and collective growth. She most recently managed a team at the University of British Columbia's Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT), where she led the bi-annual Course Design Intensive as well as the Design and Facilitation series for faculty and staff. She currently has her own organizational development consultancy and coaching practice  - presently located in Vancouver, and formerly in Montreal. In her twenties, she was the director of a yoga-for-youth start-up in Ottawa.

Jessica holds a Master's in Human Systems Intervention, a holistic degree in organizational development and group dynamics, as well as an Honours BA in Asian Religions. She is a certified Integral Coach (ICC), and is also a visual artist who could spend half her life painting.

In her coaching practice, Jessica specializes in coaching women to show up authentically, in their power - while maintaining their immense capacity to relate - as she continues to work with her own "cultural programming" as a woman.